Private Cloud Services

Ease of Access


Cloud access is compatible with all modern browsers and Mac OSX, Windows and Linux Operating systems. However, tablet browsers currently are not compatible.

Updates are quick and easy


When you change a file it is immediately synced with the server and pushed down to all other connected systems.

Spread the Word


Share, Collaborate and Edit Excel, Word, PowerPoint file formats as well as in-browser viewing of photos and PDF’s.



Mistakes happen. If you accidentally make an unwanted change you can always revert back to a previous version. This is quite handy when a file is being used collaboratively.

Every subscription comes with included cloud accounts.  Subscription accounts vary according to the overall requirements of the organization.


For individual accounts please contact us to help determine your storage needs.

Our Cloud Solution



Encryption of personal data
Integrity & resilience of the systems
Availability & Access
Transparency & Procedure



In order to ensure adequate protection, personal data should be encrypted.
File changes can be detected and verified; for example, product and system stability, even under high load.
Availability and access to data is always guaranteed.
Transparent & comprehensible processing of data and procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of protective measures.



Client-side end-to-end encryption; server-side encryption with HSM support.
Multi-factor authentication; permissions management; file firewall; audit log; file integrity check; authentication; document classification and policies; professionally developed and tested enterprise software;
Ransomware protection application; versioning with granular recovery functionality; high availability.
Auditing/Logging module, transparent authorization management.

Why Private Cloud?


How secure is your data? Public Cloud-based file sharing vendors want you to believe that it is safe to store sensitive data on their public servers, outside of your control. They promise your data will be encrypted; they assure you that data access will be limited to your authorized employees; they proclaim that their solutions are certified to comply with your regulatory requirements. Some even say they will “indemnify” you for litigation resulting from data misuse. What does that even mean?

Need help understanding the cloud option? Just give us a call and we will be happy to go over the options available to you.